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* All Removable appliances include setup, process and finish,
w/  ID. Price based on economy teeth.


* Call for price quote on removable  appliance if premium teeth are preferred.

*Teeth for removable appliances may be changed to premium teeth  due to availability and shade matching.

The Staub™ Cranial System from BonaDent, gives you a mathematical approach identifying the proper position of a patient’s lost dentition to a proven 95 percent accuracy.

This technique uses anatomical reference points to customize and personalize the anterior and posterior position to the individual patient.



Technicians take measurements of anatomically stable landmarks on the

master model and enter them into a computer program to produce a

patient-specific dental map. This map, along with three specially designed

instruments, enables us to properly mount your models without the use

of a bite registration.

Staub™ Cranial system can be used to manufacture accurate dentures,

esthetically correct diagnostic wax-ups, stints for implant placement or splints

for neuromuscular therapy.



Our Removables team uses premium teeth for each of the products offered such as Ivoclar Viviodent, Dentsply, TruExpressions, and other products to fit your dental needs.  

  • Set-up for try-in

  •  Finish after try-in

  • Set-up, process, and finish

  •  Hard reline/repair

  • Soft Reline

  •  Immediate Denture




  • Custom Tray 

  • Reline Hard- Heat Cured 

  • Reline Soft 

  • Complete Cast Partial One Saddle

    • Charge for additional saddle

  • Complete Immediate Denture w/ EconomyTeeth 

  • Complete Premium Denture


Transitional Partials 

  • Ball Clasp 

  • Wrought Wire Clasp 

  • One Tooth Flipper 

  • Transitional Partial w/ 1-4 Teeth                  

    •  No Clasping 

  • Transitional Partial w/ 5 or more Teeth         

    • No Clasping 

Novus Difinitive Resilient Denture Liner material intended for long term clinical use. It is a combination of a high-tech synthetic rubber and cross-linking acrylics, which improves the chemical bond to denture base resins while providing the patient a pleasing cushion that absorbs shock, remains soft permanently, resists fungus growth, is X-ray opaque, and improves clinical retention and function of the denture.

ADA CDT Procedure Codes for Denture Relines

D5750    Reline Complete maxillary denture (Laboratory)

D5751     Reline Complete madibular denture (Laboratory)

D5760   Reline maxillary partial denture (Laboratory)

D5761   Reline mandibular partial denture (Laboratory)

Staub Cranial

Novus Difinitive

Valplast Services

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