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Digital Workflow
Improves Surgical Guide Manufacturing Process

One of the most significant issues facing implant dentistry is            pre-surgical determination of the optimum location, angulations and depth to place an implant. Dental surgical guides are used to carefully consider these important decisions prior to dental surgery.

B&R Dental Lab provides dental surgical guides based on complete understanding of the patient’s underlying bone anatomy. Created directly from a well thought-out treatment plan, the surgical guide provides the most accurate means for placing the implants.


B&R Dental Lab has developed a process that can improve              pre-surgical planning by revealing all characteristics of the patient’s anatomy in order to guide the drilling process with precision.


Objet Eden260TM
3D Printer

B&R Dental Lab uses the Objet Eden260TM 3D Printer to create surgical guides to assist with              pre-surgical planning and provide interoperative positioning verification.


3D printed surgical guides are fully compatible with conventional CT scanners and new low-radiation, conebeam CT scanners.


After the scan is taken, the data is converted to a STL format in order to start the planning.


Models produced on the
Objet 3D Printer provide exceptionally fine detail and an outstanding surface finish, ensuring the high degree of accuracy required to meet the high standards of B&R Dental Lab’s doctors.


The surgical guides can also be cold-sterilized.

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